Cricket in India

Cricket in India

Cricket in India

As India is a huge and a very diverse country their are many religions,many people in India.We Indians are famous for various things around the world for example our culture, festival,sports,rituals and many more things.

In India the one thing which combines all the people of the nation together is sports and in sports mainly CRICKET.

Cricket in India is the most popular and most loved sports.every person of different age group love this sport cricket is like a religion in India the passion towards the game not only in players but also in normal people is worth noting. The rivalry between India and Pakistan is the most famous in all over the world whenever there is a match between India and Pakistan the support for both the countries is very high .

In India during holidays young children and men woke up early in the morning and go to grounds to play cricket as they find themselves very happy while playing cricket . The young players who take coaching in cricket academy manage there studies and cricket very well and moreover there families also support them.

The craze of the game is at next level in India.many youngsters have a dream of becoming a cricketer in their future as they want to represent their country and feel proud at the same time. you can also check our article How to become a cricketer

India has produced many cricket legends like
1.Sachin Tendulkar
2.Sunil Gavaskar
3.Kapil Dev
4.Rahul Dravid
5.M.S Dhoni
6.Virat Kohli

How Cricket became so famous in India?

Sachin Tendulkar is popularly known as the God of cricket in not only in india but also across the globe.A lot of credit goes to Sachin for making cricket so much famous in India.

India is one of the most successful team in the world.India has won 2 ICC cricket world cup in the years 1983 and 2011.The win of 1983 is one of the biggest turnover in the history of Indian cricket as no one expected Indian team to win the cup.

Under the captaincy of great Kapil Dev sir we won the world cup against the most strongest team west indies of that era.By that win a different kind of craze evolved in the people of India and that craze from then onwards never stopped it kept on increasing.

Then a 16 year old boy named Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar made debut for India and made the whole world his fan.everyone loved watching Sachin play he is an inspiration for many people around the world.

Craze of IPL

Craze of IPl

After the famous 2007 T20 world cup win the BCCI introduced a grand league named Indian premier league (IPL) in 2008 it is a T20 format game.The craze of IPL in India and all over the world is at next level.

Teams like Mumbai Indians , Chennai Super Kings , Kolkata Knight Riders , Royal Challengers Bangalore have a very huge fan base as most of the popular players play in that team and till date Mumbai Indians have won the maximum number of Titles .  
In India the IPL is like a festival of cricket in which different players from the world come and participate in this huge tournament it has helped various players to develop their career many Indian cricketers like Manish pandey , Jasprit Bumrah , Hardik Pandya and many more talented players performed very well in IPL and are now important part of team India.

It is by far the biggest T20 league in the world and many players around the world have a dream to participate in IPL as it is the most popular league in cricket also the competition is of top level which makes it more interesting to see. 

Cricket in India for Women

Not only man's team but Indian women team is also very strong they have also made us proud at highest level of ICC tournaments in 2017 women team were the runner up of the ICC world cup.

Mithali raj the former Indian captain is the leading run scorer in ODI and Jhulan Goswami is the highest wicket taker in world in ODI cricket.

Cricket stadiums in India.

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

India has the highest number of International cricket grounds in world around more than 50 and India also has the biggest ground in Ahmadabad with sitting capacity of more than 1 lakh.
also India have also provided Afghanistan a cricket ground so that they can also practice in it. The Dharamshala cricket stadium which is in Himachal pradesh in India is been built on a hill station with mountains covering around the stadium it is by far the most beautiful stadium you would ever see.

The love for the game never ends in India it increases day-by-day and the fans of Indian team are very supportive and loyal to the team they are always behind the team in every situation.
The fan base of Indian team supporters is very high as fans can reach to any corner of the world to support the team . India is blessed to have such kind of Fan support .

I hope You had a good time while reading. Tell me in comment section what is your cricket experience and how do you see Indian cricket


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