We all may have heard the word Nepotism as it is in trend very much.Many people may not know what is the actual meaning of nepotism so here in this blog I will be giving you the basic idea of nepotism,How it works what side effects it is giving to the talented people all this topics will be discussed.

What is Nepotism?

Nepotism is defined as: The unfair use of power in order to favor jobs or other benefits for your family and friends.Nepotism could be more easily understood by this example:" In a bollywood movie,the producer gives his under skilled and not so talented Son a lead role in a movie.

Nepotism in India

Nepotism in India is common in every field it is not limited to film industry it is present in different forms in other fields also.In India earlier this term was not so common but due to rise of social media,internet now the people are getting to know what is the meaning of nepotism,Nepotism is not new in India it is going on from a long period of time.

Nowadays,We are generally seeing post and talks on nepotism on social media now people are realizing how it is affecting in growth of country.The person with talent,skills,art are not getting recognized due to nepotism.The youth of our country is getting demoralized or getting in depression because they work very hard in order to achieve their goals in respective fields but due to nepotism they don't get chance to represent their talent to the world.

Nepotism in different areas

Nepotism is mostly recognized and seen in Indian film industry.we all might have heard the term "Star kids" .Star kids means son or daughter of a famous actor or actress. if in India this Star kids if they want to come in bollywood they can easily come and get their career started without of much struggle but at the same time if their is a new comer who wants to make his/her name in bollywood they have to start from nothing and after all ups and downs still if they manage to reach on top still they are not given preference and value by the industry the live example of this is Sushant singh Rajput we all know how much talented he was but he was never accepted by the film industry as he was an outsider.I don't know the reason why did he committed suicide but one thing I can surely say that he was not supported by other stars because if they would have helped him,supported him in his bad phase we might never loose Sushant like this.

Now after Sushant's death people are realizing that they should not support people who have achieved success by help of Nepotism but to support,encourage the real talent because if  we don't support the real talents it is our loss only and also they get demoralized and loose their confidence we have to provide strength to them by supporting them.

Nepotism is also seen in field like sports for example Indian cricketer named Stuart Binny was selected in Indian team due to his father Mr.Roger binny who is an ex-cricketer and ex-selector.Every cricket analyst believe that Stuart Binny didn't had that talent to represent India on international level.

One of the most famous example of nepotism is Mr. Rahul Gandhi he is been always trolled for his actions and mostly people in the congress party believe that he has no qualities to become a leader but still due to his father and mother he is given preference where as there are much more talented person to lead there party.  

Effect of Nepotism 

Nepotism is mostly present in India where as in other countries the rate of nepotism is less as compared to India.In foreign countries they have more talented people as compared to us in different fields because they give equal opportunities to everyone I am not saying that India don't have talented people but they are not been able to showcase there talent properly due to nepotism and various powerful people who use there power .

Also people don't encourage real talent in India .If we see many talented actors,sports person are not given that much importance because they don't have big surnames at the end of their names now a days the competition is also very high in different fields and in that competition also the non deserving one's get ahead of the remaining due to partiality.

As a normal person we may have also experienced this nepotism thing for example say if you go to a dance competition and there you perform very well but you don't get selected but at the same time you found that another guy who didn't perform well got selected and later you find that he or she had some connection with judge. We all have experienced this thing at some point of our life and then by getting DE-motivate we left that thing.

The Nepotism is indeed a very big problem and we should look in to it and stop giving importance to it because in the future it will affect us and then we will realize it so it is better to understand it now and change it.

We have to fight together in order to overcome NEPOTISM

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Advait Poddar

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