What is Internet of things (IOT) ?

You might have heard the term "Smart cities" and Other terms like "IOT","IOT Devices".So What is Internet of things? or what is the meaning of the term IOT devices? Why it is so trending ? How IOT is connected to Smart cities ? To Know all the answers of this Questions stick till the end of this Post to get most of the answers. 

What is Internet of things(IOT)?

IOT stands for "Internet of Things" Now what is Internet of Things in simple words we can define Internet of Things as "To connect devices or things to Internet".This is the most basic definition of IOT.

Normally we use Internet on Our Smart Phones,Laptop for surfing on Google or to play Online games but in this new Technology IOT here we connect our other devices such as refrigerator,Air conditioner,car,bike to internet in order to help us.

Nowadays,The technology has developed so much that now automatic cars which require no drivers are running on the roads and also we are able to control various home appliances with our mobile phone only.

What is Internet of things(IOT) ?

So have you ever wonder how it is Possible to do this things? So the answer is it is because of IOT. In all this gadgets we implement Internet of Things. In IOT we connect our devices with different sensors which collect the data from different environment.

The best example is The smart cars which Provide us the shortest Route to reach our destination.This smart cars have sensors attached to them which receive data about traffic on various road and after analyzing the data it provides the shortest route to the driver for reaching the destination as early as possible.

Data is received by the sensors from environment.This sensors can be embedded in any physical devices such as Mobile,Watch,electronic appliances,vehicles and many more.All the sensors continuously emit and receive the data. IOT provides a common language for all the devices and a center to communicate with each other.

Data is emitted from various sensors and collected at IOT platform where different operations are performed on the received data and valuable information is obtained as per the requirement.The obtained Information is then shared with other devices for better user experience and for improving efficiency.

What Is IOT Devices?

So now we are clear with the term IOT so now Let's see what is IOT devices?

An electronic device of any size which is capable of communicating with networks and performing task is called an IOT Device.

In simple Words we can say any device that has ability to send or receive data and allowing it to communicate over a network is called an IOT device.

IOT Devices are smart devices which includes Laptop,Smart Phones,camera,smart watches and many more things are included.

IOT devices save lots of time as they are connected to internet their processing speed is very fast.The monitoring of data is easy,User can easily monitor the performance of device.

IOT devices helps to save money by reducing manual task and time.They increases the efficiency of a system and saves time.

IOT Sensors

As we have already discussed that IOT works on sensors which receive information from the environment so now let's talk a bit about sensors .

In simple words we can define sensors that sensors are devices that detect and responds to the change in environment the input to sensors can be from variety of sources like light, traffic,motion,pressure and the output of sensors provide valuable information and if the sensors are connected to a network it can be used for communication purposes also.

Sensors come in many different sizes they can be very big and very small also like for example when you visit a mall the gate automatically opens and as soon as you enter the mall the gate automatically closes we may not realize how is this happening but a sensor is been attached at the top of gate which senses things coming towards it and if the person or thing reaches nearer to sensor the sensor gives a command to open the gate for the visitor and then gives a command to close the door as soon as visitor gets inside.

There are many IOT sensors so here I will be listing some of them 

1. Temperature Sensor
2. Humidity Sensor
3. Pressure Sensor
4. Proximity Sensor
5. Gas Sensor
6. Ultra sonic Sensor
7. PIR Sensor
8. Optical Sensor
9. Infrared Sensor
10. Heartbeat Sensor

IOT in 2020?

As the use of Internet is increasing day-by-day the scope of IOT is also increasing rapidly.Approximately their are more than 7 billion humans on the earth but you will get surprised by knowing that by the end of year 2020 approximately 20 billion IOT Devices will be up and running.

Today Most of the things around us are connected to IOT like security cameras,vehicles,watches we might not recognize this things but they are actually connected.

Companies like IBM have developed a special machine named IBM-WATSON which is capable of storing huge amount of data and to perform various difficult task which are not possible to perform by humans.

Use of IOT devices and application is mostly seen in foreign countries as they are more advanced in compared to India .But slowly India is also adapting this technology at present day not many people know about IOT. 

Smart cities is a project which comes under IOT in which all the devices of a city can be connected to Internet for example devices like Street light,Traffic lights,Hospital,Cinema hall , Malls,School and many other things.

In India if we see in many cities like Delhi,Mumbai,Surat,Bangalore the project of Smart cities is running very rapidly and now our government is also hiring IOT experts for achieving this Smart city goal.  

IOT is one of the most trending technologies in 2020 and if you want to make a career in it you can surely work on this technology and achieve success in this field. 

So Here is My view on What is IOT ? And I hope after reading this You might have got decent idea about IOT?

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