About smart cities

In 2014 a new project started in India named as Smart Cities . When this project was declared by the government not many people knew what is smart cities and today also most of the people still don't know what exactly is Smart cities so let's find out About smart cities what actually it is ? what are features of smart cities? and many more things.

About smart cities

What is a Smart city?
Smart City in simple word is to provide a core architecture and  a decent life style for the citizen and also a fresh environment to live.

Development of smart cities is not same for every city as different cities have different problems to solve like problems in Delhi would be different to problems in Mumbai so their is not a fix pattern to develop a smart city.

Smart city basically uses electronic sensors such (IOT) which work together to collect data and then gain some meaningful insights from the data in order to provide better service and operations across the city.

The main motives of Smart cities

1 . Adequate water supply
2 . Proper Electric supply
3 . Waste management 
4 . Improve Public Transport
5 . Robust IT connectivity
6 . Safety and security for citizens especially small kids and women.
7. Good environment

This are some main motive of smart City.

Now let's see some Features of smart cities.

Features of Smart Cities

In the transportation area it will help to monitor the traffic of a city which will help the driver to take the best route so that they can avoid the traffic and reach their destination as early as possible . The driver through the sensors and platform will get a message about the traffic jam on a particular road and from that he can change his route.

In parking area the drivers will automatically get the notification about which place is empty and where can they park their vehicles it will help in reducing the waiting time to select the area for parking as the driver already knew the empty area by the help of IOT sensors.

Energy consuming is one the most important area of smart cities . Using smart sensors,smart street lights can be developed which will automatically dim the street lights when their are no cars or pedestrian on the road and increase the intensity of light whenever any car or human being passes comes nearer to the street light this is an effective way to reduce the consumption of energy .

Smart Cities also look after the waste management if in any particular area if the sensors found some garbage on the road they will automatically send a message to the municipal corporation and inform them about the waste by this way the management of waste increases and city becomes more hygiene.

The houses will become smart houses or smart homes which will have all the appliances of the home connected through sensors and continuously sending the data to IOT platform . The best example of smart homes is if you are driving your vehicle and you are coming back to your home A signal will be automatically send over the IOT sensors and the air conditioner of your living room will automatically get on and when you reach home you will get a cool fresh room . The sensor present in your room will get a message that you are going to arrive soon as the sensor present in room gets signal from your GPS location and works accordingly.

Now different IOT devices like Alexa,Apple watch and homekit,Google glass,smart phones and many other gadgets have made life so easy and interesting. 

How Smart Cities work?

Smart Cities are connected to different IOT devices and that communicate with each other to achieve the goal to provide better life style to citizen of cities.

Basically it has 4 steps.

1. Collection of Data from different sensors

2. Analysis on the obtained data to draw meaningful insights

3. Communication of the meaning full data to the decision makers in order to take  decision on the received data.

4. To take actions on the cities from the insights obtained from the analysed data for betterment of the city.

Challenges in smart cities

Their are different challenges in formation of smart cities 

1. To achieve the project of smart cities it is necessary to have support of every citizen of city as it is not possible to achieve the target by help of limited people only.

2. Their is risk regarding the data privacy,the data which is been collected may not always be secured their might be some faults in collection of data and their is high risk of leaking of data.

3. As their are many things in a city so to connect all this things to each other is a very difficult task and as their are not many skilled persons so it is a heavy task to connect all the things and to manage them .

Some examples of Smart Cities.

In many countries the implementation of smart cities have already started out of which some of them are :

1. Singapore
2. Toronto, Canada
3. Tokyo , Japan
4. London , England
5. Melbourne , Australia

In India also government has given a list of 100 cities on which the project of smart cities is going on it has some big cities like Surat, Dehradun , Mumbai , Patna and many more.

What is the need of Smart cities?

As we have already discussed that by smart cities a better life style will be provided for the citizens of the city but also it will help in development of the country.

As the demand of service is always increasing it is not possible to provide the service all the time so by the help of smart cities better quality of service can be provided and the time efficiency of service will increase

As the population of a city is always increasing it is difficult to manage the infrastructure in cities so it is necessary to use the infrastructure more effectively which will save much time and money of the citizens.

So this was some basic idea About smart cities.

Hope you gained some information from the article do let me know your suggestions and experience while reading the post.

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Advait Poddar 

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