How is the Education system of India ?

As the 10th class and 12th class board exam results are out mostly many students have secured good marks and have performed exceptionally well so now I think this is the right time to discuss something about education system of India.

How is the Education system of India ?

Education system in India 

The education system of India in school is normally divided into 4 levels normally first is the lower primary for age group (6-10) second upper primary (11-12) third is high (13-15) and lastly higher secondary (16-18).
Students learn a common curriculum generally and students learn normally 2 languages that is English and Hindi . Their are mainly three streams of schools in India 

3. State board

The board examination are the most important exams in India as after 10th the students choose different streams such as commerce,arts, science and after 12th board examination students go to the colleges according to their streams.

Education system of India Good or bad?

Well all the things which I am writing are my personal thoughts so please don't get offended. 

So to answer the question first we have to see a overlook of how education system works in India.

Normally a kid takes an admission in a school then he goes through the junior K.G then Senior K.G and then the primary school which is up to standard (1-8) then secondary class (9-10) and then higher secondary (11-12). and then college so this is the basic overview of education in India.

So now let's find out how is actually our education system.

The education system of India is nothing but a race in which all the students have been given same old syllabus which never changes and everyone is running to get 1st rank . 

In India the syllabus is very theoretical and very less practical the students are given more and more knowledge about theory then practical most of the students don't actually understand the concept instead of it they mug it up and whenever the question paper comes in front of them they just copy paste the answer from their mind.

I can prove you this point by giving an example so here we go normally students after 10th board examination are confused in choosing the right stream for them because they aren't given any idea about various streams. They either end up choosing stream based on the selection from their parents or by seeing their friends they choose a stream and later on they regret it .

Most of the students in India are given suggestions that if you score more than 75% in 10th then choose science stream and if you score less then go for commerce . I really don't know what is the logic behind this like how can you judge a student just on the basis of their 10th percentage. 

Also the syllabus of the curriculum is very hectic for the students if we look closely most of the things present in the syllabus are either out dated or of no use for students.

Also the parents in our country have developed a mindset in their children to always go for the marks. I see students having so much stress of scoring good marks as the competition is so high. School life was meant to be enjoyed but due to such high competition now everyone is running behind marks and at the end they get nothing because in schools they were taught how to come first or score high marks and get your life settled. 

The course curriculum of colleges in India is very out-dated as many companies believe that the students of Indian Colleges are not enough skilled to work in service sector. This is because most of the colleges are teaching stuff that is already out dated in market.

Only seven Indian universities were ranked in the top 400 universities by the QS world university ranking in 2019,and out of theses seven ,six were the IIT's  and the only non IIT-Institute in top 400 was the IISC of bengalaru.This shows the level of universities in India more than 850+ universities are their in India but still we can clearly see the quality of education provided by them.

Also the fees of education in India is very High the fees should be kept low as you can't just sell the education it is one of the major concerns in our country right now that many students are not able to complete their studies because top colleges and school have very high fees.

 How education system can be changed?

The students should be given more practical knowledge and more live examples instead of just teaching how to remember theory 

To have more activities and to give knowledge about different streams what lessons will be taught if they take a particular stream and what challenges they will face in life .

The syllabus of the curriculum should be re looked and implementation of new things should be done so that students get to learn new things every time. 

I know scoring marks in examination are important and very necessary but also the students should not be given stress all the times to always go for the first rank it really sometimes lowers the confidence of students.

Equal respect to every stream.In India science stream is given more importance then any other stream in India instead of it the students should be taught in such a manner by which they can choose the perfect stream for a particular individual based on his/her interest.

The absorption power of every student is different for example if in a class of 30 students their might be some students who learn a topic quickly but at the same time some students might take more time to understand the concept so for that new technologies should be used based on AI which can help students.

The evaluation system needs to change because due to pressure of marks many students under perform and loose their confidence.Instead of focusing on a 3 hour long examination the students overall performance should be evaluated on the basis of classroom participation ,presentation,projects extra co -curriculum activities .

To teach the purpose of education.Education is not only about getting rich or becoming big it is about teaching humanism,moral values which make a student life wonderful.They should be taught that life is not all about money and success is not always measured by money.

As India's one of the greatest president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam has also said that "Indian Education Framework needs to change completely " .

Also the quality of teachers giving knowledge to students should be very good it is very important to have well skilled teachers to provide education.

The curriculum of colleges of India should teach the students more about the industry and about the current skills and demand in market rather than teaching the same old syllabus and handing out the degree which will be of no use for students.

Most students don't get placed in the college placements because they aren't taught things which companies actually require from a candidate then students start judging their own capabilities and the mental health also gets affected due to not getting placed . 

So this is my thought on How is the education system in India do let me know your thoughts in the comment section 

Thank you

Advait Poddar

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