How to become a Cricketer

If you are a youngster or a teenager or a small kid and love to play cricket and you have a dream to become a cricketer in your life but you don't know where to start from how will be the journey? What challenges you could face? All this things will be discussed in this blog.

How to become a Cricketer

Why do I want to become a Cricketer?

So first of all ask this question to your self why I want to become a cricketer?

Their can be many reasons for it like

1.You love watching or playing cricket and you are inspired by your favorite Cricketer and want to become like them
2.You want to serve the nation you want to make your country proud or your parents proud.
3.You want to earn lots of money in life .By playing cricket.

This are some of the main reasons why you choose to become a Cricketer.

So now you know the reason why you want to become a cricketer so now what's next ?

So the next question comes How to become a cricketer?

First step to become a cricketer.

Cricket is not an easy sports in which any one can succeed and become a successful cricketer.

The players we see playing have done so many practices and hard-work then only they have reached to a certain platform.

Normally in Cricket their are mostly 2 types of players

1. Batsman

So now you have to decide what you want to become I know their are all-rounders also but still all-rounders also have categories like batting all-rounder or bowling all-rounder.So every player has a area either batting or bowling in which he has to be very strong.

So you can not just decide by sitting home and say I want to become a batsman or bowler. For that you have to go to the ground and start playing and from their you will get to know which thing is right for you .

So the first step towards becoming a Cricketer is to join an academy for practice.

A academy or your school/college team you have to join any of them you can't learn the basics of cricket by sitting home.

Academy or school team must have a coach who will guide you.First of all he will teach you how to maintain fitness all the basics of bowling and batting and fielding.

Then slowly after some days when you start to learn the basics you will get ready for the net sessions your coach will help you to how to play in nets how to defend the ball,how to drive the ball and many other things.

All these processes takes time you can not say in 2-3 days I am ready for net sessions it is not gully cricket it is cricket of professional level.

The main thing here is you have to keep practicing.Their will be times when you will not perform well in nets but at that time you don't have to get frustrated it is a every day process everyday you will learn something in cricket. 

How to get selected in different teams?

Now after joining a coaching and practicing their it's now time to get selected in some teams. Teams like your school cricket team or your district cricket team?

So the process is very simple A selection trials are taken for all the interested players and among them some are selected the selection is generally taken by seeing your performance in the net trials which they arrange.

In cricket trials their will be some selectors who will be present their and monitor your performance .If you are a batsman you should be able to defend the balls properly and drive the balls smoothly and if you are a bowler your line should be good the pace at which you bowl should be good.

So once the selection is done and if you are selected then you will play many practice matches before the actual tournaments and you have to perform very well their to get a spot in the playing 11.

But if you don't selected don't get demoralized as it is not the end you can again work hard and try no one will stop you to reappear . You might fail sometime but you can't just say I am a looser and stop trying .It is possible next time you may perform very well if you take your earlier failure as a motivation.

Now if you manage to get a place in playing only thing you have to do is to perform the player who performs gets recognized it is as simple as that.

Slowly slowly if you keep performing you will move one step forward every time like from district to State level team then from State level to ranji team.

If you really have the talent no matter at which level you are playing you will get noticed and in no time you will find yourself playing at the highest level.

Always have the hunger inside you to perform well you will definitely succeed in cricket.

What challenges will you face in becoming a Cricketer?

Their will be many challenges in your way as it is not possible for everyone to become a Cricketer . Some people who start cricket want success immediately they don't want to wait or don't want to work hard this is not possible in cricket . You have to work very hard and stay determine always.

Their will be times when you will face constant failures and you will start getting irritated .This things happens with all the Cricketers no one here is perfect you will fail but you should have the courage and strength to rise again.

Studies are very important in life you can not stop studying by saying I want to become a Cricketer and I don't have time to study. You have to manage time between cricket and studies as education is very important.

Don't get jealous of someone's success . People easily get jealous of someone's success . Instead you should work more hard and try to achieve more heights.

Some tips to become a successful Cricketer.

Always have a inspiration while playing cricket .You should have inspiration like why I started to play cricket why I love this game so much this things will always keep your motivated.

Have a player who inspires you . A player to whom you look up to and say I want to become as successful as him it could be any player like Virat kohli, M.S Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne , Ricky Ponting and many more. Their stories will always give you motivation in life to achieve success.

Never underestimate your opponent don't have an ego while playing the game because you are not above the game.

Always seek advice from your coaches,mentors as they closely look on your progress always respect their decisions and try to learn as much as possible from them.

Their is no defined age for to start playing cricket if you enjoy the game you can play it no matter what is your age just stay determined and don't run behind results try to learn the skills and have a spirit of working hard. 

I hope you had a great time reading the post How to become a Cricketer you might have got some knowledge about how to become cricketer.

Thank you

Advait Poddar

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