Top 5 Batsman in 2020

Cricket is one of the most popular sport around the world.It is played in many countries and their is huge craze and love for the game.Cricket is a game in which their are mainly 3 types of players.
  1. Batsman
  2. Bowler
  3. All-Rounder
So here in this post we will be seeing Top 5 Batsman in 2020.Here the batsman in the list are according to their recent form,overall stats and their performance across all the formats.

Top 5 Batsman in 2020

Top 5 batsman 

Here are the names of Top 5 batsman across all formats in 2020:
  1. Virat Kohli (India)
  2. Steve Smith (Australia)
  3. Kane williamson (New Zealand)
  4. Babar Azam (Pakistan)
  5. Rohit Sharma (India)
All these 5 players according to us based on their performance across all formats are the best Batsman of the current time.

So Lets find out Why these batsman rank in Top 5 batsman?

Virat Kohli (India)

Top 5 Batsman in 2020

In our list name of Virat Kohli comes at the top.He is the best batsman in current time without any doubt .Virat Kohli has been the most consistent player in cricket from last 5-6 years his records are phenomenal in every format  and he has scored 43 one-day centuries and 27 test match centuries which totals up to 70 centuries in total he is currently on 3rd position in terms of most no.of centuries by single player combing all the formats.

The main thing here to notice is he has scored 70 centuries in just 11-12 years which is a record.He has an average of 53+ in Test matches and 59.34 in One day matches.which is highest among all the players in current generation

He scored 1377 runs in 26 matches in ODI in 2019 In 2019 he scored 5 centuries and 7 half-centuries and in Test matches he scored 612 runs in 8 matches in 2019 with highest score of 254.

He is an inspiration for all the Youngsters around the world he is popularly called King Kohli by his fans and most of the cricket experts believe Kohli is the best batsman of current era. 

He is the only batsman to complete 20000 runs in international cricket in a decade (2010-2019)
He also holds the record of having highest ICC rating (922) of Indian batsman in ICC rankings of Test Batsman.

Steve Smith (Australia)

Top 5 Batsman in 2020

steve smith started his career as a leg-spinner for Australia but his batting capabilities are so good that he eventually became a top order Australian batsman and from that to No.1 Test match batsman

Steve Smith is popularly known for his unorthodox batting technique he has a very unique stance which makes it difficult for the bowlers to bowl to him 

At start of his career he was a leg spinner who could bat a bit.but latter on the world discovered that he is a great batsman he has found most of his success in Test cricket he is capable of scoring big hundreds.

He has scored 7227 runs in test cricket in 73 matches and 4162 runs in 125 matches he averages 62.84 in Test matches which is highest for a batsman in test cricket in current era.He has scored 26 centuries in Test matches and 9 hundreds in ODI matches 

In 2019 Smith scored 965 runs in Test matches in 8 matches in which he played.He also delivered outstanding performance in 2019 cricket world cup which helped Australia to qualify for semi-final and not to forget his heroics in Ashes in which he scored 774 runs in 4 matches which helped Australia in retaining the Ashes.

He is the 3rd fastest to reach to 7000 runs in Test matches as a batsman.
He has won ICC Test player of the year twice in 2015 and 2017.

He had the ICC rating of 947 in 2017 which is second highest after Don bradman's 961.

No doubt he is one of the best batsman of the current era his unique technique makes people wonder how can he bat like this and score so much runs.

Kane williamson (New Zealand)

Top 5 Batsman in 2020

Next in our list comes the New Zealand modern day legend Kane Williamson. Kane is one of the best batsman ever produced by New Zealand.In the current line up of New Zealand Kane is the most dependable batsman of their team.

Kane is known for his composure while batting he has some beautiful technical shots which are so wonderful to watch he has been the backbone of batting line up of New Zealand  from last 4-5 years.

He started his career as a normal batsman but he kept improving day by day and today he is one of the best batsman around the world.He took the responsibility of the team in 2019 world cup and performed exceptionally well so that New Zealand qualified for the finals and almost won the world cup.

He has scored 6476 runs in Test matches and 6174 runs in ODI cricket with average of  51 in Test and 47 in ODI matches.

He has scored 21 centuries in Test and 13 centuries in ODI. Kane scored  948 runs in 20 ODI matches and he also won the man of the tournament in 2019 cricket world cup.

In June 2015,Kane became the fastest New-Zealander to score 3000 runs in just 78 innings.
In December 2015,Kane broke the record for most test runs scored in a calendar year by a New Zealander with 1172 runs.
Williamson is the youngest batsman to score centuries against all test playing nation.

Williamson is one of the best batsman of current generation as many cricket experts also believe it.

Babar Azam (Pakistan)
Top 5 Batsman in 2020

Earlier we used to hear that Pakistan is a country which produces world class bowlers like Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Waqar Younis but now they have produced a world class batsman named Babar Azam Babar is modern day great batsman across the world.

Babar Azam has a very good technique of batting and he is a very classical player which Pakistan has produced in recent times .Babar's batting technique is compared with the modern day legend Virat Kohli it is not fair to compare both of them as Babar has not that much experience like Kohli but he has no doubt all the talent to become a great batsman like Kohli.

Babar Azam is Currently the No.1 T20 batsman and he is the only player who is in Top 5 batsman list of ICC in every format.

He has average of  50+ in T20 and 54+ in ODI.Babar has scored 1850 runs in Test and 3359 runs in ODI and 1471 runs in T20 format.

In 2019 Babar scored 616 runs in 6 test matches and 1092 runs in 20 ODI matches.

He is currently the best batsman of Pakistan and the most dependable player in their team.He is capable of scoring big centuries and recently in the tour of Australia he was the lone performer for the team in the series.

Their is no doubt he will become one of the best batsman of this generation and he is idol for many youngsters in pakistan.

Rohit Sharma (India)

Top 5 Batsman in 2020

When Rohit Sharma started his career he was a middle order batsman in his initial years he struggled to make his place in the team but during the champions trophy of 2013 he started to open the innings for India and from that his career,life changed.

Rohit Sharma is one of the best opener in the world right now.He has a phenomenal record as opener and he is one of the top batsman around the world.

He is a natural stroke maker he can pull the short ball from front foot with ease and He has an amazing six hitting capability.He has record of scoring maximum no.of runs in a single ODI innings which is 264 against Sri Lanka he has the record for scoring 3 double hundred in ODI cricket no other batsman has this record.

Rohit Sharma is a very good player of white ball cricket he has achieved most of his success in White ball cricket and now he has started to open in Test matches also.

In 2019 in test series against South Africa he opened the innings for India and he proved the world that he could be a great opener in Test matches also.

Rohit has scored 2141 runs in Test matches and 9115 runs in 224 ODI matches he has scored 29 international ODI centuries.

In 2019 Rohit Scored 5 centuries most by any player in a single world cup tournament and he was also the highest run scorer in 2019 in ODI.

Rohit has scored maximum 8 times 150+ scores in ODI.
Rohit has hit maximum no.of sixes in ODI by an Indian cricketer : 244

Rohit is by far one of the best opener in the world and his achievements in white ball cricket makes him a legend in white ball cricket.

So here is the list of  Top 5 Batsman in 2020 from my point of view ...

what do you think about this list do comment in the comment section and let me know

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