Applications of Big Data Analytics

Have you ever wondered what are applications of big data analytics and  in which sectors big data analytics is widely used. In the previous post we discussed about data and its different types of data and what is big data to read the previous post What is Big data Analytics.

Applications of Big data Analytics

Here in this post  will be talking about Applications of Big data analytics as we already know that data is very important in today's world and it has a very high value so I think it is right to now discuss about the applications of Big data.

As Big data is the new game changer in the industry so it is necessary to understand its different applications .There are numerous applications of big data so in this post we will be looking into some of them most of the examples will be based on real life examples. As we know by using big data analytics we can discover new insights from the data , new information for betterment of work so now let's have a look on examples one by one.

Big data in Education Industry 

Education Industry generates a huge amount of data related to students , teachers , courses , results and many other things . If we apply proper study and analysis of data it can provide insights that can be used to improve the working of educational systems and also develop a good educational system .

Some of the fields that can be transformed using big Data Analytics are 

1. More customized and Dynamic learning programs : 

On the basis of students learning history or according to the interest of student a better customized and dynamic learning course can be structured which will improve the overall results of students . 

2. Re-framing the course material 

The courses can be re framed according to the data that is collected on the basis of what a student is learning and to what extent by real time monitoring of the components of a course is beneficial for the students. 

3. Grading system 

There should be new changes and advancement in grading systems which shows a proper and a better result by doing analysis of student data . 

4. Career prediction 

By Appropriate analysis of every particular student data and records it would be easy to understand each student's progress, strength , weakness , interests and many other things . It would help in determining which career is best suited for the student in future . 

Now let's look at the second application 

Big data in healthcare Industry 

Health industry or Healthcare industry is another field which generates a huge amount of data some of the ways in which Big data analytics has or can contribute are 

1. By Big data the cost of treatment reduces as there is less chances of performing an unnecessary diagnosis . 

2. Big data can predict outbreaks of pandemics or epidemics and also help in what preventive measures could be taken in order to minimize the effect of the pandemics or epidemics . 

3. Big data helps in avoiding the preventable diseases by detecting them in early stages . It prevents the disease from getting worse and makes the treatment easy and effective.

Application number 3 

Big Data in Media and entertainment Industry 

With increasing access to various digital platforms and gadgets , there is a large amount of data generated also the social media platforms also generate huge amount of data this is the main reason for the rise of Big data analytics in media and entertainment industry . 

Some benefits of big data analytics in media and entertainment industry are 

1. By Big data the interest of audience can be predicted . 

2. Getting insights and information for betterment from customer reviews 

3. The advertisement of products can be done more effectively and can be reached to audience more dynamically . 

Many big companies are using big data analytics to give better performance to there customers and provide there customers with best services . 

For example the digital platform Spotify which is an on demand music providing platform uses BDA it collects data from its users around the world and then analyses the data and give recommendations and suggestions to every user .  Amazon Prime is also one of the users of Big data Analytics. 

Application Number 4 

Big data in weather Industry .

The weather sensors and satellites present and deployed all around the world generate a huge amount of data and then this data is used to monitor the weather and environmental conditions . All this data collected from different sensors and satellites contribute towards big data and can be used in different ways like 

1. In weather forecasting.

2. To study about global warming.

3. In preventing or to give alert about the natural disaster . 

4. To make necessary preparations in case of crises .

5. To predict the availability of different usable resources like water ,petrol and many other things .

Application number 5 

Big data in Banking sector 

The amount of data generated in banking sector is very high and the data is produced continuously at a very high rate and is increasing every second . By proper studies and analysis of data we can detect the illegal activities that can be carried out like 

1. Misuse of debit/ credit cards . 

2. Money laundering.

3. Fraud handling.

Big data eases our work by giving us the best information and insights by performing different operations on the data There are many more applications of Big data but majorly I have discussed here are 5 other sectors in which big data can be used are agriculture , data mining , smartphones , chemistry , marketing and many others.I have tried to explain in the most simplest way I hope you had a good time while reading the post and if you have any doubt or any suggestions you can contact me 

Thank you 

Advait Poddar

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