Top 5 Technologies in 2020

 Technologies are a part of everyone's life no matter from which field you are, you always use some kind of technology in every day life everything around us is connected to technology directly or indirectly as the world is moving towards digital gadgets and everything is getting connected digitally it is very important to understand and use the technologies efficiently so they help us in providing a better life .

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

So here in this post we will be looking into the top 5 technologies of 2020 all these technologies are related to IT sector and this are the trending technologies in the world and have a great future . If you are a student and want to know about the top technologies then you should read this post till the end .

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

1. Big Data 

2. Data science 

3. Cloud computing

4. Internet of things (IOT)

5. Machine learning

I have named here 5 technologies based on my perception as I come from a computer science so we will be now looking into some short introduction about each of the technology .

1. Big Data 

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

As I have already written an article about what is Big data analytics but here I will be again explaining in short about big data and why it is in among the top technologies

Big data refers to a data which is big in size as we know data means information about any particular thing ,person , place and many other things, so when this data is been produced in large amount there comes the term big data. As the world is changing there are billions of people in the world so they regularly generate data so it is important to analyse the data which is been generated so for that a technology named as big data analytics is used it analyses the data and gives a meaningful output or insights from data which can be further used for many purposes .

Big data is a trending technology because the importance of data is very high in the present world and those who understand how to handle the data?, how to derive information from the data? such type of people are very less in number as many people don't have much knowledge about it so it definitely one of the field in which there will be a big boom very soon and this technology can bring a very big change in IT sector .

2 . Data science 

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

Data science is a field which is basically related to study of data as we saw that big data generates a huge amount of data and we analyse the data and find information from the data so for that thing data science is also used to analyse the data there are several data scientist present in the world who do research on the data . 

By studying the data the data scientist can predict or give result to many of the things data scientist uses many different techniques like R language , python for data study there is a very high scope of data science as there are very few data scientist available in the world so it is surely one of the top trending technology in the world at the moment . 

3. Cloud computing 

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

As I have already written an article on what is cloud Computing but here I will be giving a short introduction about it and will be talking why this technology is so much trending in the world .

So let's understand cloud computing by an example . Suppose you are a website developer or a application developer and a client comes to you for making a website or an application so first of all you will have to write code in different languages like Java Php then you have to host the website on a server then you have to take care of the security of the website then you have to build servers for data storing and a team to manage the resources which will modify the stuff on the website and if you have many clients the work gets more hectic so in order to reduce this workload a technology named cloud computing has been introduced which provides a virtual environment for the developers to develop there application or websites there are cloud service providers which provides virtual environment virtual server and security to your product and it can be accessed from anywhere around the world using internet connectivity . 

It also solves the problem of storing the data it stores the data in virtual servers in place of real life data centers this reduces the cost of many companies and they can easily expand there business . 

Cloud computing has many advantages which makes it a very useful technology it helps many developers who are using the old fashioned method . As many people around the world don't really know about this technology so it is one of the technology which will surely have a great future ahead .

4. Internet of Things (IOT)

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

Another technology which is in high demand but still it has not yet hit the market that much because many countries don't know what is actually IOT ,how it works but in some countries like America Britain this technology is widely used but in India this technology is still in its initial phase .

I have also written an article on what is internet of things you can also check that out but let's see in short what is internet of things .

Internet of things is a technology which connects different devices to internet and they communicate with each other on a particular platform to improve the life style of people the devices are connected with sensors which sense the data from there environment and use this obtained data efficiently like for example if in a street light an ultrasonic sensor is been attached which senses the movement of things around it so by this if any vehicle or person comes near the street light the street lights get switched on and as soon as the vehicle or person passes the street light the street light gets switch off now by this it is saving the electricity other examples of IOT devices are smart homes smart watch smart doorbell or an automated parking system are all examples of IOT .

As the technology is very advanced and it requires specialist for implementing it but unfortunately till now there are not many skilled people available for it so it is one of the technology which will have a huge impact in the coming future . 

5. Machine Learning

Top 5 Technologies in 2020

The ability to learn is now not only limited to humans only but now as the technology have improved significantly that now machines are now made to learn things which can do work more significantly than human beings . 

The ability to learn from any particular event by Machine is simply Machine learning . For example we treat a machine with some pre defined data this pre defined data is used by Machine and it gains knowledge from it and whenever similar kind of different data is fed to machine it can give the perfect outcome . There are many different types of learning in machine learning like supervised learning , reinforcement learning , unsupervised learning and many more .

This is also a trending technology in the world right now as it is very new and very interesting to learn . 

All the above mentioned 5 technologies have a great future as the world demands skilled people so if you are interested in making your career in the field of IT sector it would be very good if you look up to any of the technology mentioned above . 

Thank you 

Advait Poddar

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