What is Big Data Analytics

What is Big Data Analytics

Ever heard the term Big data ? Or Big data analytics or BDA? so what does big data or Big data analytics commonly known as BDA mean to find answer about it read the complete post. You may also check my posts on what is internet of things and what is Cloud Computing.

So before understanding about Big data analytics first of all we should understand what does the term data mean? 

What is data ?

Data is a type of information which is usually in the form of statistics or facts this type of information can be further used in analysis and further computation. Or in simple words we can say that data is information presented in numbers letters symbols or in other forms.

Data sources or application continuously emit data and this emitted data is of different types.

There are normally 3 types of Data 

1. Structured Data
2. Unstructured Data
3. Semi- structured data

Structured Data 

Structured data have some specific structure in them they follow a certain pattern they are easy to store . Structured data are easily stored in tables having rows and columns which makes it easy to store them insertion,deletion of data is easy in Structured Data and it also follows the ACID properties . 

Unstructured Data

A data which doesn't have any particular format is known as unstructured data this type of data does not posses data features such as tables or database. This type of data cannot be directly stored in databases as no exact relationship b/w data is found but after using some techniques we can arrange the data normally more than 80% data which is produced from data sources is Unstructured so it is very important data . Some examples of unstructured data are the .TXT file .CSV files or the data coming from video, audio all these data are unstructured.

Semi-structured data 

Semi structured data are data which are a mixture of both structured and unstructured data. This type of data posses some relationship b/w data which makes it a bit easier to handle it as they have some structure in it but still it is not possible to directly store the data in tables or databases.
Some examples of semi structured data are XML files and JSON documents.

So now he have discussed about what is data and about different types of data. Now let's see what is Big data ? 

What is Big data ?

Big data refers to data sets whose sizes are so big that it is very difficult to manage in normal database for operations like capturing, analyzing and storing of data. As the data sets are very large so the type of data is very complex so it is not possible to process the data from the old fashion so it is necessary to implement new techniques like big data analytics to process the data and use it in meaningful manner.

Another definition could be that big data is high volume , high velocity or high variety of information asset that requires new forms of processing in order to derive decision making , insights or discovery from the data.

Characteristic of Big Data 

Normally there are 3 types of characteristics in Big data they are also known as 3Vs .

1. Volume

Big data contains a term big which is related to the size of data . Size defines the amount of data which is regularly generated from different applications or sources . The size determines the processing speed needed for handling the data .

2. Velocity

Velocity here refers to the speed of generation of data velocity determines how fast the data is generated and processed as to attain the challenges of processing of Big data the velocity of generation and processing of data plates a huge role.

3. Variety

In big data the data is of different variety . As data is generated from multiple sources of different systems. This variety of data is due to heterogeneous platforms which generate different types of data which increases the complexity of data to analyse so it is one of the important characteristic of big data . It is important to know what type of data is been generated as it helps in proper processing of data .

Types of Big data .

Now let's see some areas from which a huge amount of data is continuously generated .

1. Social media or social networks generate huge amount of data such as platforms like Facebook , Twitter , e- mails , blogs and YouTube.

2. Transaction data such as credit card debit card transactions or purchases , flight booking , medical insurance , business data and etc .

3. Customer data such as in a big organization name of the client phone number of client address of client demand of clients and other important data related to client .

4. Machine generated data such as communication between machine to machine or the data generated from IOT sensors  and also the computer generated data also comes under machine generated data all the data stored in database and other files which continuously run in a program and continuously generate data.

5. Human generated such as human interaction data  e - mail records from the mail server . Also as the entire world is getting digitize so every human information such as his personal diary , notebook , photograph, video , personal information is stored in some computers or at any social networks . As there are billions of human living on earth so they continuously generate different data .

What is Big data analytics?

What is Big Data Analytics

Now as we have seen what is big data now let's just get a overview of Big data analytics
So generally DBMS and RDBMS manages the traditional databases. Data analysis needs pre processing of the raw data and it gives a useful information for decision making. Analysis brings an order , structure and meaning to the collected data . The data which is been collected is been analysed in order to answer questions and test the data .

Data analysis can be defined as statistical and mathematical analysis of data that segments and helps in predicting future possibilities. A important feature of data analysis is that is its predictive forecasting capability we can predict the outcome of any event by analyzing the data .

In simple words we can say analysis of data is a process of inspecting modelling the data with goal of discovering useful information which helps in giving conclusion and in decision making.

As this is the world of technology everything in the world is getting connected to technology due to this the data is produced in so much amount that it is very necessary to manage the data as in coming years we will see that there is very high value of data in the world and many scientist study the data and are earning lots of money so it is definitely a great field in which any individual can make there own career as big data analytic or data scientist .

So that is all about Big data and big data analytics tell me in comment section was the information helpful for you ..

Thank you 

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