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Hello friends Welcome to my website www.advait7.xyz . Here in this website you will get to read about the trending topics in India.We provide latest news on topics related to current affairs,sports,articles,movie,technology.If you like to read some good stuff then you are at the right place. we regularly keep updating our post and generally we post 2 new articles every week.

keep visiting my website and keep receiving updates As new posts will be updated regularly on different topics.Please share the link of our website to your family and friends. 

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My name is Advait Poddar and I am from Rajasthan .I am currently studying engineering from DIT University  and I also write blogs to express my thoughts on various topics likes sports , technology and my views on different topics and my hobbies are playing cricket and readig articles.  

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As I write totally original content not a single sentence in my post is by copy paste and I also don't use any third party application to generate my article so by reading my posts you will get some knowledge and information which will be helpful for you and you can contact me directly if you have any query .

My email id: aadipoddar999@gmail.com

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